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Free Solar Panels in Alaska

Solar Power In Alaska

Alaska. Land of the midnight sun.  Wow sounds like they get a lot of sun doesn’t it?  Well to some degree that’s true, For a large part of the year they do have very long periods of day light with little darkness.  However for the other half of the year the opposite is also true, they have very long periods of darkness with very little light.  At the height of this their daylight lasts for only 5 1/2 hours.

So getting free solar panels in Alaska is not going to happen with solar lease program.  In addition to this the suns rays aren’t extremely strong even when it is shining almost constantly.  Anyone who has solar panels have to have them at almost a vertical angle because the sun is always just above the horizon and travels around your home more so than up and over like we normally think.

So with weak sun light, long periods of darkness and a unique path of the sun. you would think that using solar panels in Alaska would simply be a no go.  However people are still using solar power even in Alaska. One article I came across a man has a 2300 square foot home and heats it year round will solar power, now that’s crazy, especially when the weather can get as cold as 60 degrees below zero,  Can we say burr. Check it out Heating With Solar Power In Alaska.

Now Alaska is far from the ideal place to use solar power but it’s being proven that even in remote areas of the world it can be done, and done quite well. The state is recognizing this with a few incentives.  Of Course you still have the federal 30% tax credit and Alaska does have a system for net metering as well as a property tax exemption.


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Alaska at a glance

Electricity use in Alaska

$114.56   is the average residential electric bill in Alaska this is

$4.36     above the national average

$18.12     is the average cost of electricity in Alaska this is

$0.87      below the national average.

Sunshine in Alaska

41%     of days are sunny in Alaska.

17%     is the percentage of sunny days have no clouds in Alaska.

19:21   is the longest day in Alaska.

5:27     is the shortest day in Alaska.

Solar power incentives in Alaska

Does Alaska have a RPS?

NO, Alaska does not have renewable portfolio standard.

Does Alaska participate in the SREC market?

NO, Alaska does not have a SCREC market place.

Does Alaska allow trading into other SCREC markets?

NO, Alaska does not trade in any way with the SCREC trade.

Does Alaska offer a state tax credit for solar power?

NO, Alaska does not have a tax credit for solar power.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in Alaska for solar power?

NO, there is no sales tax exemption in Alaska for solar powered systems.

Does Alaska offer a property tax exemption for solar energy?

YES, Alaska does have a property tax exemption for solar power systems.

Does Alaska offer a Feed-in Tariff?

NO, like most places in the US Alaska does not offer any type of Feed-in Tariff.

Does Alaska offer Net Metering?

YES, in Alaska there is the option for Net Metering.


Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.

Are there additional renewable energy incentives in Alaska?

YES, there are a number of other solar power and renewable energy incentives in Alaska, you can find out more at

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