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Solar Power Not Going To Work On The East Coast?!

One Solar Expert Says “It’s just not going to work”

Referring to solar power on the east coast. 


In fact they went as far as to say that Germany which is leading in solar power production is succeeding not because of government policy and how there solar industry is modeled but mainly because they have much more sun then we do here in the U.S..

Lets take a look at a statistical map.

Germany has more solar power than the US?
This map was created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy

Can’t believe this was said?  Neither can we, check out the video Click Here

As you can see here that statement is just flat out wrong.

Even Alaska looks to have more sun exposure than Germany.  So if solar power wasn’t a viable solution the last place you would expect to see it working would be in Germany but yet it is working great.  In fact I’ve heard from people coming over from Europe and one thing they remark on is how much sun we do have and they can’t understand why we are so behind in solar power development.

What Is Netmetering

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What is a Solar Carve Out

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