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If you trying to decide it going solar is right for you, you have come to the right place. And If solar is a good fit for your home, you might just be able to get setup with your own free solar panels!

How to get free solar panels

So you want to know how to get free solar panels and start producing your own green energy? Well It’s true, if you happen to live in the right place there are programs that will allow you get a set of new free solar panels. New solar panels setup and maintained free of charge. You will get to use all the power they generate for you own use, and you will get to lower your electric bill, maybe even eliminate it all together!! So now I’m sure you want to know how to get your free solar panels?

In many parts of the world there is an aggressive incentive by the government to move towards green energy solutions for sustainable energy production and cleaner living. Getting free solar panels has to do with exploiting these government solar incentive programs in order to reduce or eliminate the cost of getting set up with solar panels all together. Now there are ways to do this by your self but it takes a bit of creativity.

Feed In Tariffs are incentive programs that many countries have adopted where power companies are required to pay for electricity that is produced by green energy, renewable and low carbon forms of energy production. These payments are required even if all the power produced is used by the owner of the devise generating power.

To clarify, yes, you set up solar panels, wind turbines or what ever green energy devise that will work in your particular area and the power company is required to pay you for the energy you create, period. Even if all the energy created is used by you. Unlike most places where the power company is required to pay the owner fair market value for any power that is added back to the grid this is a program that pays you just for the fact that you generated energy with a green energy devise. So not only do you get to lower your electric bill but the electric company has to pay you for doing it. By all rights in many cases if you can generate even a half of your electricity needs you can eliminate your electric bill completely because the power company will match the amount your saving with what they are required to pay you.


So here’s the deal. Some companies have decided to take advantage of of these new laws to offer free solar panels as a way to get people more interested. If you home is in a location that qualifies by having enough sun exposure a company will setup solar panels on your house for free. You get to use all the energy the panels produce for your own needs, but the company that set up the solar panels gets to collect the feed in tariffs. So ultimately there is no cost whatsoever to you. It’s just like you went out and setup your own solar panels except without the feed in tariffs but had no upfront cost what so ever. So now you know how to get free solar panels. This green energy program is gaining popularity world wide and is giving the green energy movement a much needed boost. It’s a win for just about everyone. More energy is being produced, which we need, private companies get a boost to business, home owners lower their electric bill, the environment is cleaner and that’s great for everyone.


Unfortunately this green energy initiative is not available everywhere. Currently there are no Federally imposed Feed In Tariffs in the United States as well as many other countries. So right now you might not be able to get your free solar panels this way. However there is legislation is being proposed that may soon change that. In addition some towns are not waiting for Federal mandate either. They are imposing their own green energy incentives. Solar Incentives

If you want to own all the hardware and get all the benefits, going with the Feed In Tariffs alone doesn’t get you free solar panels. In a conventional situation you would still have to do the initial setup yourself, buy some solar panels, a wind turbine or what have you and figure out how to make everything work. Even though the Feed In Tariffs would dramatically reduce and in some cases even eliminate your electric bill it still doesn’t get you any hardware for free. However if you are a creative minded person if you can work a deal where the incentive payments that you would be expecting to receive would be enough to pay for the loan payments for the solar panels then in a sense you still would have acquired a set of free solar panels.


OK, so even if legislation for a feed in tariff is passed soon, it will still take some time for companies to jump on board with this type of setup. So what do you do if you still want free solar panels now? Don’t worry, even if you don’t have access to the option described above there are numerous other ways to lower or even remove the cost all together and still get yourself setup with free solar panels. There are plenty of State and Federal incentives to help move people towards a green energy and a cleaner future. Check with your local government and see what kind of incentives there are. Many of these can dramatically reduce or in some cases eliminate the cost of solar panels and other green energy solutions. So getting a hold of free solar panels is still a real possibility for just about everyone. You might just have to be a little creative. Creatively Free

The change to go with green energy has been in the works for many years. But with rising gas prices and the economy not getting better people are not only looking to help the environment it is now becoming a real option that going green is the cheaper solution. The push to go green has never been stronger than now!

So check out all the options available and then you’ll fully know how to get FREE SOLAR PANELS.

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