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Green energy solutions

Beyond Solar Panels, What are Some Other Green Energy Solutions?

Although the conventional solar panel is widely recognized as the way to harness solar power there are plenty of other green energy solutions. Even today solar panels are not very efficient. Running at about 15% or less for the typical home solar panel. This means that out of a potential 100% of the solar energy that is hitting a solar panel only a little over 1/7th is actually being captured as usable electricity. There is obviously a large margin for improvement. Could it simply been that solar panels are not the way to go? It is possible, the sun is by far the largest source of energy in our solar system. You might not realize it but just about everything on earth that we use for energy is in one way or another solar power.

Other Green Energy Solutions?

Clean Natural Energy Sources

  1. Wind Power
  2. Hydro Power
  3. Geo thermal
  4. Solar

New Ways of Using What We Have

  • The Bloom Box – The Bloom Box is a nice little invention that is being marketed by The Bloom Energy Company. This little device is a Fuel Cell that they claim can run off of just about any kind of carbon based fuel. You put fuel in on one side and air in on the other and without combustion or any kind of moving parts you generate electricity directly and cleanly. This devise is currently being used by some large companies such as Ebay, Google and such. These companies are noticing a huge drop in the cost of electricity. After watching the Video I’m very curious about this devise and I believe it works just fine. However I don’t believe they have talked about the waste product it must generate. It does not burn carbon fuel to create electricity but it is still combining carbon and oxygen, just like in a tradition method where you burn fuel so as far as i can tell there still needs to be a by product going somewhere. So cleaner yes, but as a truly clean energy source I’m not sure.
  • Stirling Solar Generator – The Infinia Power Dish is definitively an exciting new development for solar power. Using the same amount of material, with the same size, using simpler material with simpler technology the Infinia Power Dish delivers about 3 times as much energy as a solar panel of the same size. All this devise really is, is a large curved mirror focusing solar energy to a small area. Then they use a Patented Sterling engine design to produce electricity. Just look at the two videos to the side., on e show the Infinia Power Dish and the other shows an example of how a sterling external combustion engine works. One of these dishes is said to be able to produce enough power for a US Home. Now this is a true innovation.

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