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Free Solar Panels In Oregon


We love dreamers, that’s Oregon’s motto, but what’s better than dreamers, are those who can make those dreams a reality.

We all dream of a free energy society, with clean air and clean water.  Where we can enjoy everything we like with minimal impact on the world around us.  That’s exactly what is happening with Oregon’s clean energy objectives.

With a large portion of Oregon’s power production coming from hydro power throughout the year, and  decent renewable portfolio standard that does not include this high use of hydro power. Oregon is really pushing companies to embrace new renewable technologies.  With an RPS set for 25% renewable energy production by the year 2025, Oregon is on there way to truly being a wonderland of energy production.  If you are looking for a place to live with a low carbon foot print Oregon might just be your place to be.

Solar Power Companies in Oregon

$0 Down Solar Leasing is Available!

SunRun and SolarCity do operate in Oregon.

Hire ElectricSmall79The
Mr. Sun Solar (Neil Kelly Solar)



Electricity use in Oregon

$96.58    This is the average residential electric bill in Oregon.

$13.62     This is the amount Oregon pays below the national average per month.

$9.90     This is the average cost of electricity in Oregon.

$2.22     This is how much Oregon pays above the national average for electricity.


Sunshine in Oregon

48%     of all days are sunny in Oregon.

19%     of all sunny days that do not have clouds.

15:41   this is the longest day in Oregon.

8:42     this is the shortest day of the year for Oregon

Solar power incentives in Oregon

Does Oregon have a RPS?

YES, Oregon has a renewable portfolio standard set in place.

Does Oregon participate in the SREC market?

NO, Oregon does not have a SCREC market place.

Does Oregon allow trading into other SCREC markets?

NO, Oregon does not trade in any way with the SCREC trade.

Does Oregon offer a state tax credit for solar power?

YES, Oregon has a tax credit for going with solar power.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in Oregon for solar power?

NO, there is no sales tax exemption in Oregon for solar powered systems.

Does Oregon offer a property tax exemption for solar energy?

YES, Oregon does have a property tax exemption for solar power systems.

Does Oregon offer a Feed-in Tariff?

NO, like most places in the US Oregon does not offer any type of Feed-in Tariff.

Does Oregon offer Net Metering?

YES, in Oregon there is the option for Net Metering.



Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.


Are there additional clean energy incentives in Oregon?

YES, there are a number of other solar power and renewable energy incentives in Oregon, you can find out more at


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