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Free Solar Panels In California

Free Solar Panels California

California is a great state to go with solar power and one in which you can get free solar panels setup under a Power Purchase Agreement.

With plenty of sun and a government that is is pushing for it with one of the most aggressive renewable campaigns in the country you can see why California is one the states leading the way to a cleaner energy future. California’s state government has recognized the need to go with renewable energy and is setting a tread for other states to follow as more of California’s energy from the abundant free solar energy they seem to have plenty of.

They have set forth aggressive goals which make California one of the fastest transitioning states out there.


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SunRun and SolarCity do operate in California.

Your Energy SourceSmall25Rancho
The Solar Co.Medium10Castro
Swinerton Renewable EnergyLarge126San
Sustainable Solutions
Sunline EnergySmall3San
Sun Solar Energy
Sullivan Solar PowerSmall10San
Stellar SolarSmall16San
Solar United Network (SUNworks)
Solar Electrical SystemsSmall33Westlake
Solar Alliance of AmericaSmall5San
Smart Energy
San Diego Solar
Run on
Rosendin ElectricLarge95San
Renova SolarSmall8Palm
REC SolarMedium17San Luis
Planet Earth SolarSmall2San
PermaCity SolarSmall11Los
Patriot Roofing and
OneRoof EnergySmall3San
Nova West
McWire ElectricSmall15El
Martifer Solar USASmall13Los
Independent Energy
Horizon Solar
Helix ElectricLarge29San
HelioTek USASmall6San
Hanwha Q CELLS
ES Electrical
Electronic Telemetry & Power ConditioningSmall12Rolling Hills
Earth ElectricSmall5San
CSI Electrical ContractorsMedium24Santa Fe
Clean SolarSmall7San
Blue Oak
Baker Electric
Aztec SolarSmall34Rancho
American Solar DirectMedium5Los
Alliance Energy and

California at a glance

Electricity use in California

$90.19    This is the average residential electric bill in California.

$20.01    This is how much California is below the national average on their monthly electric bill.

$16.19    This is the average cost of electricity in California.

$4.07      This how much above the national average California is on their electric cost per kilowatt hour.

Sunshine in California

68%     This is the number of days that are sunny in California.

40%     This is the percentage of sunny days that have clear sky’s in California.

14:25   This is the length of the longest day in California.

9:53     This is the length of the shortest day in California.

Solar power incentives in California

Does California have a RPS?

YES, California does have a Renewable Portfolio Standard. California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard Is one of the most aggressive in the country requiring a switch to renewable energy faster than just about any other state.  Requiring utilities to be producing 1/3 of all power production to be coming from renewable energy sources by the year 2020, That’s just 5 years away.  So far they are doing very well to meet their goals.  For more specific information you can check out California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards program page Here.

Does California participate in the SREC market?

NO, California does not participate in the SREC market?

Does California offer a state tax credit for solar power?

NO, California does not currently have any state tax credits available to offset the cost of solar power.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in California for solar power?

NO, there currently is no sales tax exemption for buying solar power in California.

Does California offer a property tax exemption for solar power improvements?

YES, in California you will benefit from a 100% property tax improvement exemption.

Does California offer a Feed in Tariff?

NO, California, like most places in the U.S. there is no Feed in Tariff program.

Does California offer Net Metering?

YES, in some areas you can sell  excess power back to you your utility company instead of having that extra electricity go to waste.

Federal Government Solar energy incentives

Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.

YES   there Are there additional energy incentives in California?

Check out more incentives Here.  

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