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What Is Netmetering

Net Metering

Net Meeting is the ability to sell excess power back to the electric company.  Many people who setup renewable energy systems, especially solar power systems try to make a point to generate more than enough to cover their needs. If you live in an area that offers net meeting the excess power you generate can be sold to the electric company.

In some areas the rate at which a company has to buy power back is set by the state.  Generally this rate is equal to rate they would normally sell the power for.  In other areas net meeting is offered by the company themselves and not mandated by the state.

In other areas the companies are required to buy the renewable energy at an inflated price making it that much more lucrative for people to produce their own power.  Or in other areas still an electric company my charge different rate at different times of the day which can also work to the benefit of someone who has energy to sell back.

Peek time for the electric usage is during the day, this is when most people are up and awake, so more energy is being used at this time.  At these times the electric company charges more for the electricity you need.  So this works in favor of someone who is generating power themselves during the day.  They get to produce extra energy and sell the excess to the company at the inflated peek time price.  Then at night if you are pulling power back from the grid when you are not producing any power you get to buy back the power you sold during the day but you are buying it back at the off peek price.

As you can image there are some companies that are starting to realize just how much this change in the way we get power is going to impact the industry and some are starting to push back.

Companies are pushing back by emphasizing that people who are producing all their energy and selling excess back to the grid are “ free riders “ meaning that the electric company is supplying you with the means to sell this excess power and they end up not getting paid for that service.  As a result some companies are enacting grid connection fees, basically a set fee simply for being connected to the grid.  So far this issue has not been met with much sympathy from the general public and companies have not been able to charge nearly what they initially wanted to.  Even though this may seem like a deterrent to getting solar panels, it is better to view it as proof that this is not a fad  but a growing trend.

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