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Stop Debating Global Warming!

Stop Wasting Time, Money and Energy

OK, it goes without saying that I’m in favor of clean renewable energy.  One thing I keep hearing a lot is the debate on global warming, Is global warming happening, if so are we the cause, can’t it jut be the cycle of the earth etc… the list goes on and on.  The arguments for both sides can go on for ever. then there are lies or mistakes in the research, the studies, the interpretation about the data. Bla Bla Bla.  Even when a speaker puts his neck out and tries to warn against global warming people don’t even hear it.  Check out this story from  It baffles me that so many people can have such a oh well attitude about such a big issue.  But that I think is that problem, it’s to big of an issue for the little guy to get his head around or feel like he has any influence let alone any control over it.

What should we do then?

In my opinion if you get into a debate about cleaner energy, fossil fuels, and green house gases, don’t argue global warming.  Argue for cleaner renewable energy by siting things that cannot be disputed.

  • Local air quality
  • Rising prices of fossil fuels
  • Energy independence
  • Better power distribution

One of the biggest is local air pollution.  You can’t argue that smog filled cities are just how the air is.  In a lot of places the air quality is bad and getting worse.  In other countries there are places where people wear face masks on a fairly regular basis.  We are causing that and switching to clean energy is the solution.  Argue the point on tangible local level, people can see the problem, identify the cause and when the solution is implemented they will see the results. Consequently the larger issue of global warming will be getting addressed as clean energy solutions are being implemented.

If you want to change minds and change the big things, get people concerned about the little things that they can change.



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