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Is Solar Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable?

YES – Solar Energy Is Renewable.

In fact solar energy is the most renewable energy source we have.  Solar energy powers or creates almost every other type of renewable energy we use and more solar energy reaches earth in one hour than the entire planet uses in 1 year.  Developing better ways to harness this energy will one day lead us to being completely powered by renewable energy.

Solar Power – Power that we create by directly harnessing solar energy.

Renewable energy that depends on solar energy..

Wind Power – Power that we create by harnessing the movement of the wind.

Hydro Power – Power that we create by harnessing the movement of water.

Power from Biomass – The power that we create by burning organic matter.

 Renewable Solar Energy And How We Use it.

  • Solar Panels – This is probably the most commonly thought of way to use solar power.  These are panels that when in the presence of sun light will directly produce electricity.  These panels have been around for years and continue to become more and more efficient while the price of production continues to drop.  Although this option is still in the process of being accepted as a reliable dependable replacement to standard fuels the popularity is growing.  Government incentives, creative lending programs and the growing awareness of there use and the need to use alternative energy are all pushing the growth of this industry.
  • Solar Heating – This is a passive form of solar power where a home is designed to take advantage of solar energy to produce heat in the colder moths and remain cool in the warmer ones.  When this is used properly this can reduce or eliminate your need for heating your home in winter.  This method does not however include generating electricity.
  • Solar Power Dish – This is a dish that is designed to reflect and focus solar energy in order to cause a concentration of heat.  This heat in turn can be used to create electricity.  Probably the best example of this is by a company called Infinia.  They have created the Infinia power dish that creates enough power per dish to power an average home.  Although solar panels are great and continue to get better there are a few things I really like about the power dish.  Fist it’s simple technology.  Solar panels rely on special materials to be created and manufactured.  The power dish a basic mechanic could build with fairly standard parts.  The power it produces per square foot is about 3 times that of current solar panels and it’s power drop off when the sun is partially covered is far less than solar panels and it can create direct AC current instead of DC that needs to then be converted.
  • Wind Power – Wind power is a form of renewable solar energy, wind is created when parts of the earth heat up do to solar energy.  Warm air rises and causes cooler air to be pulled in to replace it.  This action is what causes wind. Wind mills have been used for centuries in mills to grind flower, pump water and power other basic machines.  This age old technology uses the wind to do work for us.  Today we use the wind to power windmills that generate electricity. This is a clean renewable resource that will always be available.  Currently we produce about 318,000 MW of electricity from window power. This in an increase from 6000 MW in 1996.
  • Hydro Power – Hydro power is also a form of renewable solar energy.  When water heats up it vaporizes and becomes clouds when then fall back as ran.  This process feeds our lakes and streams.  Hydro power is a technology that has been use for centuries in the form of water wills.  Used in very similar ways to the wind mill. The first Hydroelectric power plant went online in 1882.  Today hydro power is the most widely used form of renewable energy, accounting for 19 percent of the world electrical needs.
  • Biomass Power – Biomass power is created by burning organic material that can quickly be replenished.  Like burning wood and other vegetation that can be regrown.  Plants grow because of sunlight water and dirt.  This is also dependent on renewable solar energy.  Other aspects of Biomass are Bio-diesel or Ethanol, combustible liquids that are created from vegetation like corn.

As you can see here there are many forms of renewable energy but when you really look at them almost all are simply a transformed form of solar energy.  Some of these forms are active and some are a form of storing solar energy.  The only real difference with fossil fuels and renewable energy is that they are a concentrated form of bios mass.  Which makes them a lot more powerful and easier to use.  But these energy sources will run out and one day all we will have are renewable energy sources.




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