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Free Solar Panels In Alabama

Solar Power In Alabama

Getting free solar panels in Alabama with a power purchase agreement is not likely to be be happening any time soon.  This site is largely dedicated to promoting the the solar program known as a Power Purchase Agreement where a company will install solar panels on your roof for free and then allow you to purchase power at a locked in lower rate than what you are currently paying. This will last for the life of the agreement.  However Alabama is probably the worst state to get setup with solar power and offers almost no incentives to do so.  So unfortunately the power purchase agreement program is not available in Alabama yet.

With almost no incentives in the state to help people switch there is a lot of wasted potential.  Alabama has ample amount of sun light and plenty of country that is worth protecting.  You would think that Alabama would be at the forefront of adopting and promoting solar power.  However sadly the state is among the worst.  In fact the only real solar incentive outside of the Federal 30% tax credit comes from the TVA, The Tennessee Valley Authority, Alabama’s largest electricity supplier.  The TVA offers a $1000.00 rebate to it’s customers in order to help offset the initial cost of solar power.  In addition to this the TVA offers to buy power from you if you produce more than you need and they will pay $0.04 plus the normal retail rate for the first 10 year you system is in service.

If the state would only enact a RPS, Renewable Portfolio Standard, Alabama’s solar industry would really take off.  Until then however it will be a waiting game until solar becomes so ridiculously cheap that it will make absolutely no sense to stay with conventional power.  To help spur them in to action I encourage anyone interested to contact local government and start asking why Alabama hasn’t been looking into renewable energy and what needs to be done to start heading the state in that direction.

This is not to say that going with solar power in Alabama isn’t still worth it, it is!  You can still add a tremendous amount of value to your home.  Offset or eliminate your electric bill all together and if you are in the jurisdiction of the Tennessee Valley Authority you will stand to make money off of any extra electricity you produce.

Solar Power Companies in Alabama

$0 Down Solar Leasing is not available!

SunRun and SolarCity do not operate in Alabama.

Southern Solar

Alabama at a glance

Electricity use in Alabama

$136.36    This is the average residential electric bill in Alabama.

$26.16      This is the amount Alabama pays above the national average

$11.26       This is the average cost of electricity in Alabama.

$0.87         This is how much Alabama is below the national averaged cost for electricity.

Sunshine in Alabama

58%     of all days are sunny in Alabama.

27%     of all sunny days that do not have clouds.

14:16   this is the longest day in Alabama.

$0.87    this is the shortest day of the year for Alabama

Solar power incentives in Alabama

Does Alabama have a RPS?

NO, Alabama does not have renewable portfolio standard.

Does Alabama participate in the SREC market?

NO, Alabama does not have a SCREC market place.

Does Alabama allow trading into other SCREC markets?

NO, Alabama does not trade in any way with the SCREC trade.

Does Alabama offer a state tax credit for solar power?

NO, Alabama does not have a tax credit for solar power.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in Alabama for solar power?

NO, there is no sales tax exemption in Alabama for solar powered systems.

Does Alabama offer a property tax exemption for solar energy?

NO, there is no property tax exemption in Alabama for solar powered systems.

Does Alabama offer a Feed-in Tariff?

NO, like most places in the US Alabama does not offer any type of Feed-in Tariff.

Does Alabama offer Net Metering?

NO, in Alabama this is no Net Metering.



Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.

Are there other solar power incentives in Alabama?

YES      The Tennessee Valley Authority has a solar initiative program where it will help offset the initial setup of solar power by $1000.00 as well as offering to buy surplus energy produced at a rate of retail price plus $0.04.  So although not by much they are offering to buy power back from  you for more than what you would have paid to receive it.

Although the main program offering to outfit your home with solar panels for free is not available that doesn’t mean that without a little creative thinking you can’t still fee like you are getting something for nothing.  On average a home that has solar panels installed today will increase their home value by close to 100% of the cost of the solar panel setup.  That’s a 100% ROI on your home improvement. that’s greater then kitchens and bathrooms and its pays you cash in the form of savings on your electric bill as well.

If you can pay for solar panels outright than there really should be no question in your mind. Once you pay out the money for solar panels, currently about $5000 per Kilowatt system or $25,000 for a 5 kilowatts.  With a 100% equal increase in you home value it’s almost like you simply locked that money away in a CD the value is still there just  locked in the value of your home.  This is of course before you apply the 30% tax credit from the government.  On a $25,000 system you will be looking at kick back of $7,500 dollars!

You really only invested $17,500  but increased your home value by $25,000 an actual gain of $7,500 dollars. Now figure your monthly electric bill savings, on average in Alabama, a saving of $136.00 per month. That’s an annual return of $1630 per year or 9.3%, So with this estimation you could have your solar system pay for itself in a little over 10 years.

So a simply recap if you were to buy solar panels yourself.

  • Immediate 30$ tax credit,
  • Immediate increase in your homes value
  • Immediate pay out to you in the form of no electric bill.

Few other investments can over such a return and since your money was covered right from the begging you might say this is still like getting solar panels for fee.  Now if it still make sense to get solar panels in Alabama, it makes sense to get them just about anywhere.

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