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Why Go Green

Believe it or not, not everyone cares about being green and there is a disagreement about the need to.

Some people think we can just keep polluting our planet with no repercussions.

They think global warming is a myth or if it is happening at all we have nothing to do with it.

They also believe that our natural energy reserves are virtually unlimited. Despite these on going arguments there are a few undeniable benefits to going green.

So lets take a look at a few
1.We become completely energy independent
2.Your local environment will be cleaner,
3.Once setup the energy cost is cheaper
4.Cut down on noise pollution

These of course are just to name a few.

Energy Independent

Right now it seems that we import just about everything and energy is no exception. Fuel costs seem to keep going up, despite the fact that we are an oil rich country doesn’t make sense to me but nonetheless that is something out of our control. But harnessing solar power and wind power are not. These are proven technologies that can and do produce tons of energy for us. Continued advances in both areas keep getting better and more efficient and with the advances with electric cars could one day enable us to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for foreign oil.

Cleaner & Quieter Environment

I like going to the city, its fun. Lots of things to do and people you can see. What I don’t like is at the end of the day feeling like I have coating of grim on me. Lets face it the air quality in most cities isn’t great and largely do to pollution from cars. If we could make the switch to a cleaner energy source just to power our cars the effect would be enormous. Imagine a city with quiet, pollution free traffic. That would be great.

Cheaper Energy

Even though in a lot of cases making the switch to an alternative energy can be daunting it is worth it in the log run. In many areas solar and wind will pay for themselves in a few years and at that point it’s essentially like you got the equipment for free. There have been a few other proposed ideas to radically change the world with green energy, like one idea I saw about paying the road with solar panels. OK they wouldn’t be your run of the mill panels and they are close to having a material that would hold up fine. The initial cost would be a little higher but still would break even in a few decades compared to conventional paving methods and as a bonus it is said that this would provide all the energy our country needs it implemented across the country. Talk about a savings there. No more coal, or solar power plants needed. Oh and cheaper to boot. The bloom box is another revolutionary power idea, a little box that can use just about any kind of fuel to generate electricity without burning the fuel aka no air pollution. This would also offer a valid competitor to the current energy provider which largely goes unchallenged and is able to charge whatever they want because you have no alternative. Competition drives down cost.

Browsing the internet I happen to come across a News clip. New Solar Technology.

I need to find the link again but apparently there is a new type of magnifying material that a company has developed for use in their solar power plant. They focus the light to heat up water to produce steam to turn the wheel to create electricity. You know how the how power generator works right? Well apparently with this new material that is super cheap it is now setting the stage for a solar power plant to rival a coal power plant in terms of cost per watt. That’s right we are about to enter the age where it is not only cleaner to go with solar but it is soon to be hands down the cheaper alterna

If you're here you want to watch this! Change is coming...