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Solar Energy Pros and Cons

There area a lot of pros to using solar energy and some cons as well. There are a lot of people who will argue how viable solar power is really going to be and as a result the pros and cons of solar energy is an on going debate.  The established way of providing power has a lot of clout and many people are resistant to change unless they are forced to.  Even if the alternative is clearly better the pain of switching often keeps us from doing so.  It is my belief that solar power will play a major roll in providing our energy needs in the future. And it is brought into question just how true some objections are when you do catch an opponent to solar energy outright lying.

Like this video here where Fox News says that solar power will not work on the east coast because we don’t have enough sun.  Click Here

Before going over the pros and cons of solar energy let’s just look at a few cons to conventional energy that we are trying to get away from.


Conventional Energy Cons


The amount of pollution from fossil fuels is undeniable.  We see it everywhere and I think we are all becoming aware that it just doesn’t go away.  Or even if it does we are producing it faster that then goes.  There are cities where people can’t breathe the air on a daily basis, or just go to any city for the day. If you live outside of a city where the air is clean you will notice the difference and  know what I mean.


2.Fossil fuels are not a diversified product

Meaning that even if we didn’t import it from over seas and used our own resources only, whether that is gas, coal or nuclear these resources are controlled by a few businesses therefore controlling prices and limiting competition.


3.There is strong evidence to support our contribution to global warming

Some people have a hard time believing that we can affect the weather, especially when you talk about the global temperature.


4.Waste from nuclear power

Some people have little concern about nuclear waste and think it isn’t a big deal.  I urge them to consider the power plant melt downs we have had, much of that contamination will be with us for years.


5.Fossil fuels are ultimately a limited resource

Even if there was a replenishing supply instead of a finite one, we would still out pace the ability to provide this fuel.

Prices fluctuate and affect everything: The price of fuel is tied to just about everything we buy and not only does it affect the price but it affects our ability to go where the products are.


Solar Energy Pros

1. Solar energy is free

There is no cost for solar energy.  Unlike gas or other fossil fuels that can be refined, packaged and delivered solar energy is available to everyone.


2.Solar energy is renewable

Solar energy is the main renewable energy source.  Every day the sun comes up and puts out as much energy as it did the day before.


3.The sun will last as long as we do

The sun will continue to provide power for us as long as our society is around and needs to use it.  In addition it will provide power, here on earth, in space and on other planets.


4.Solar energy is available almost everywhere

Solar energy is abundant and available all over the world.  Even in places as remote as Alaska they are proving that solar power is a viable solution.


5.Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy does not harm the environment.  Solar energy has been hitting the planet for as long as the earth has been around so as far as having a negative impact on the environment we can figure it’s one of the lowest.


6.Versatile applications

Solar energy can be harnessed in a variety of ways to get what we want from it.



Most applications that capture solar energy for power are silent. There are solar panels and solar heating and even solar power combustion that are very quiet.


8.Currently receiving financial aid

Currently if you are looking to use solar energy there are financial programs setup to help you do so.


9.Currently receiving favorable legislation

Just about every region on earth is now passing laws designed to help the development of a solar powered society.


10.You can sell energy you produce

Right now there are laws that require companies to buy energy that is produced by individuals.


11.Low maintenance technologies

Most solar technologies are low maintenance, so they will run a long time without the need for repair.


12.We are quickly learning how to use solar energy more efficiently

Harnessing solar energy is a process that is being refined, new processes, new materials and new ways of thinking are making solar energy more and more attractive of an option.


13.Can be mounted to existing structures

Solar technologies like solar panels can be installed on rooftops so no additional space is required for installation.


14.Solar industry is on the rise, diversifying power supplies

As more and more people start using alternative energy such as solar it is creating competition and lowering demand on fossil fuels therefore  lowing prices.


15.Offers independence from the grid if you choose

Going with solar energy offer you the ability to have power off the grid completely.


16.Offers a 100% return in home equity

Getting setup with solar panels, in most areas is offering a 100% pay back in the form of home equity.


17.Solar Panel Technology is Improving

Solar panel technology is quickly improving so in the near future you will only need a fraction of the panels you need to day.


Solar Energy Cons

1.Getting setup to use solar energy is expensive

Currently with no financial aid or incentives of any kind, getting setup to use solar energy to power your home is expensive.


2.Long payback period

In most areas it will take a long time to recover your investment in the form of actual savings.



In a lot or areas in the world solar energy is not a constant, it changes between night and day, then changes with the weather and changes with the seasons.


4.Backup systems that can be required are expensive and large

Battery backup systems that may be required to store energy you produce are large and expensive to set up.


5.Pollution is still produced when manufacturing the equipment

Production of devices that use solar power are still produced in conventional factories that pollute.


6.Uses specialized material, that may become scarce

The materials used in solar panels are specialized materials that may become scarce as demand for solar power rises.


7.Requires a lot of space

In some cases a solar energy system requires a lot of space to get setup especially if you are talking about an actual power plant for multiple homes.


8.Some people do not like the look of solar panels

Although the appearance of solar panels are improving many people still do not like having solar panels on their homes?


9.You may not have a good spot to setup solar power

Solar power is not available to everyone because of the space each person has to work with.


10.Residential solar panels are not very efficient

Current solar panels that are available for  home use are not very efficient, about 15%.


Solar Energy Is Our Main Renewable Resource

Clean Renewable Energy Is the Way of the Future

If you don’t think so, just think of how much press there has been about bio fuel.

Bio fuel is an attempt to make gas that we are currently dependent on into a renewable energy source.  Imagine a world where gas was never going to run out wouldn’t that be great?

Not really, gas is still toxic, pollutes the environment when you burn it and still would have to be produced packaged and shipped in order to be used.  This is in addition to the fact that it takes up farm land that is needed to grow food and if this was to take hold would still keep a lot of the major people that control the energy market in place.  We need to shake up the statuesque and usher in a new generation of players that will have a bigger better picture of what the future can be for everyone.


Solar Energy Is Better

All energy types go through a period of development and acceptance.

It has to be thought of, produced, replicated, then demonstrated and once it’s proven a viable technology it has to overcome competition, public acceptance and then implemented on a large scale.

When gas came on the scene it had to do the same thing.  At the time many people thought that it would not be useful or it would never catch on.  Cars were clunky and you always had to have your own gas with you.

The infrastructure to support these things on a large scale where unimaginable at the time,  a horse on the other hand could eat just about anywhere, it was the proven reliable technology of the day but now we reap benefits of the gasoline engine that just over 100 years ago could barely be imagined.

It is my hope that years from now the gasoline engine will be as outdated as using a horse and buggy are today.  There are so many new technologies emerging that are going to render the old way obsolete.

The big thing that the gasoline industry got back then that it needed was powerful people who had a vision.  These people were able to invest heavily in the new technology, buy up and shut down the competition and provide the consumer with little option but to accept that this was the new way things were going to be.  We have continued on that path ever since, barely even questioning whether or not it was the best path to be on.  Now as beneficial as that change was, it is now time to realize a newer cleaner energy.  We are seeing the negative side of the technology we’ve been using and it is time for a change.

The same force to get alternative energy implemented has not there, it is falling to the masses to demand that something be done.  Whatever your ideas are on things such as global warming, one thing is for certain fossil fuels pollute the local air space.

Solar energy is real, clean, abundant and has the potential to power our entire world. Most of nature runs on it and many other forms of renewable energy are actually stored solar energy. Trees don’t grow without sun light, so wood is just one form of stored solar energy.  Coal, oil, natural gas, all these are just stored solar energy as well.

Rain would not fall if the sun didn’t shine.  Without rain there are no streams, or rivers, so no water falls.  So again hydro power is just another form of stored solar energy.   All animals that do work and run about are all doing so because they ate food that was grown because of the sun.

Solar power is the ultimate renewable power source and renewable energy is what we need to be investing in.

Solar power is the main energy source for the world and the ultimate renewable energy.  All life on the planet depends on it.  So it only makes sense to use it for its full potential and power our lives with it.


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