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Free Solar Panels In Arizona



Getting free solar panels in Arizona is easy.  Arizona is one of the best states for going with solar power.  They have ample amount of sun and the state government recognizes that solar power is the way we need to go. With a number of incentives to entice people to switch to to solar power.

Sun Run and Solar City both operate in Arizona so you can take advantage of their free solar power program, also known as the PPA or Power Purchase Agreement.  Or you can take advantage of buying solar yourself, out right or with a home improvement loan.  As always if you can finance the solar panels your self you will always make out better. But there is more leg work to the incentive and making sure you get everything that is being offered,  Again with the free solar panel program the company that is setting them up tales care of everything and you simply start saving money.

No matter what option you choose you will likely pay less then what you have been paying each month right now giving you instant savings immediately and increasing the value of your home.  


$0 Down Solar Leasing is Available!

SunRun and SolarCity do operate in Arizona.

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Arizona at a glance

Electricity use in Arizona

$122.85    This is the average residential electric bill in Arizona.

$12.65      This is the amount Arizona pays above the national average

11.71       This is the average cost of electricity in Arizona.

$0.41       This is how much Arizona is below the national averaged cost for electricity.

Sunshine in Arizona

85%        of all days are sunny in Arizona.

53%       of sunny days are clear with no clouds.

14:22     is the longest period of daylight during the year.

9:56       is the shortest period of daylight during the year.

Solar power incentives in Arizona

Does Arizona have a RPS?

YES, Arizona has a renewable portfolio standard set in place, By 2025 utility companies in Arizona are required to produce 15% of their total energy production from renewable energy sources.  In addition to this 15% of this renewable energy production has to come from distributed energy production such as residential solar panels.

Does Arizona participate in the SREC market?

NO, Unfortunately Arizona does not currently participate in the SCREC market

Does Arizona allow trading into other SCREC markets?

NO, Arizona does not trade in any way with the SCREC trade.

Does Arizona offer a state tax credit for solar power?

YES, Arizona offers a state tax credit for solar power, this credit good for 25% of your out of pocket expense with a limit of up to $1,000.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in Arizona for solar power?

YES, there is a 100% sales tax exemption in Arizona for solar power systems?

Does Arizona offer a property tax exemption for solar energy?

YES, In Arizona you can increase your homes value with a solar panel installation and the increase in your homes value is not subject to additional taxation.

Does Arizona offer a Feed-in Tariff?

NO, like most places in the US Arizona does not offer any type of Feed-in Tariff

Does Arizona offer Net Metering?

YES,  In Arizona there is the option for Net Metering, where you can sell excess power you produce back to the grid.

Federal Government Solar power incentives

Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.

Are there additional solar power incentives in Arizona?

Yes, there are a number of other solar power and renewable energy incentives in Arizona, you can find out more at


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