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If you trying to decide it going solar is right for you, you have come to the right place. And If solar is a good fit for your home, you might just be able to get setup with your own free solar panels!

Creatively free solar panels

Free sometimes depends on a certain point of view.

In a lot of cases your not going to be able to run right out and get a company to give you a set of brand new solar panels for free, at least not without some strings attached. But with some creative financing, leg work and a little elbow grease you might be surprised what you can come up with. There are a lot of companies that deal with solar panels on a regular basis that end up with damaged goods. Many of these companies will actually pay to scrap out these damaged panels as normal garbage. However if you don’t mind a little work, many of these panels can be salvaged and re-purposed into working solar panels.

Check into local and federal government incentives. New laws, regulations and incentive programs are popping up all over the place. Now straight up not many of these will give you a set of solar panels for free, but if you do some creative thinking with the numbers you might find out that things might not be so far out of reach.

Lets say you finance some solar panels, and take advantage of some incentive programs to bring down the price etc.. Your going to end up with a monthly payment for the solar panels. However if the average savings they generate is equal to the monthly payment then essentially they aren’t aren’t costing you anything more than what you were paying before you had them installed. So no increase in monthly payments but now you have solar panels on your house, essentially you got them for free.

At this point you might say OK, I’ve got solar panels great, but they aren’t saving me anything so what’s the point. Well eventually when they are paid off they will have paid for themselves and start saving you money. In addition you have increased the value of your home, and added a huge selling feature.

Check with local manufacturers, renters and distributors of solar panels.

All of these companies are going to have a certain amount of damaged equipment. Give them a call and see what their policy is regarding the broken panels they might have. Most panels in this category are going to be small ones that my have been powering road side signs or set at constructions sites. Either way in many cases these panels are just waiting to be thrown out and you will actually be doing the company a favor by getting rid of these for them. Depending on who you are and what you plan to do with them you might even be able to offer the contribution as a charitable donation.

Large Solar Panels

In some cases however you might be able to get a hold of full size solar panels for free. The newer panels these days are more durable than the ones from a few years ago. Many PVC’s (photo voltaic cells) today are actually made of a flexible material, with only a glass face on them when they are assembled as as a panel. If and when the glass breaks the panel may be deemed broken and unusable. However the PVC’s should still be fine. The panel would no longer be viable with the broken glass due to the fractures obscuring most of the suns rays. with enough time and patience however this broken glass front can be removed and if desired replaced, this is not necessarily needed as the cells should work fine without and glass at all. Just check out this you tube video, Free Solar Panels

Now working with damaged panels and all may still seem like there will be a cost involved. This is where some creative thinking comes in. You have to figure in what you might be saving in the long run or how much your saving on a monthly basis. If you can work the numbers so where what your saving doesn’t exceed the cost you have put in to getting some broken panels up and running, then they are effectively free.

Still if calling around and asking for broken parts is not your thing there are still options.

Cheap Solar Cells

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