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Is Solar Energy Free?

YES solar energy is absolutely a free source of energy.

There seems to be a little confusion when some people talk about renewable energy.

Whether it is solar, wind, geothermal. hydro power or whatever other naturally occurring source of energy you may be talking about.

The energy that is naturally available is there and you don’t need to pay a penny for it.  It’s not a limited supply, or a source of energy that is monitored and controlled by big business.

Sun and Wind especially reach us all.  It’s like imagining that we all had our own gas well that naturally occurred in our back yard.  then gas would be so available that no one could charge for it.

WikiImages / Pixabay


Take a good look at this picture, it is an accurate size comparison of our planets to the sun.  Our sun is massive compared to our planet.  The sun produces so much energy and we have only begun to tap into this free energy source.

The problem comes in when you try to get that energy to do something different then what it naturally does.  You want to harness that energy to run lights, and charge batteries, heat your home or cool it.  This process is where the cost comes in.  But make no mistake solar energy by itself is free.

It’s like having a car or power generator that you have to pay for, but having all the gas in the world to run then with and no having to pay for the gas.

This is why solar is so attractive as a renewable energy source.  Even though you have clouds and rain, solar energy is a reoccurring constant that produces far more energy then we will ever need to power our planet.  The cost is just in refining the methods or harnessing this free energy to get the power we want.

We live in an exciting time for this technology. Right now most residential solar panels are still very low in the efficiency generally less then 20% and even at these levels solar is a viable solution for many people. but panels already exist that are getting closer to 50% efficiency.  This simply means that new panels are becoming more available that are going to keep reducing the amount of sun you need to get the amount of power you want. So in the near future people who could not go with solar power before will be able to do so.

Through the incentive programs that are available with the combined dropping cost solar panels will become an increasing way for everyone to harness that free solar energy that is available everywhere.

So yes solar energy is free making use of it is where the cost comes in.


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