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Welcome to Free Solar Panels Now.  Here we have information about reducing and eliminating the cost of powering your home with solar power.

About us

We here at Free Solar Panels Now are interested in helping people become more educated about the different ways in which we all can become energy independent. It’s our hope that some day every house will be able to supply there own energy. And we can all have a cleaner brighter future.

Between new technology that is coming out, Federal, State and Local incentives to go green it is becoming ever cheaper to go with alternative energy. In a lot of cases going with solar panels is a lot cheaper than most people think . In the UK many companies are offering programs where have solar panels setup for you is actually free. That same incentive program in one form or another is taking hold here in the States as well. This site is still fairly new and still under construction there will be more to come. So please check back often.

We have only scratched the surface of what is currently available. We will be on the look out for other opportunities and emerging technologies. And if you have a creative view on how to finance things you might just be able to start your own green revolution a lot sooner than you think

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